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You Cried Me

2009-11-06 00:26:48 by Awkward-Squid

My friend just notified me about the existence of this animation, It's incredible and beautifully animated, and deserves a way higher score than it currently has (3.99 as of this posting). Just wanted to try give it more exposure, it's an amazing animation and more people should see it. Give it some love guys.

The animator also has an animation up on Vimeo called Kid Show, check it out:

[Edit] It just got front page, sweet :)


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2009-11-06 00:31:10

that was incredible. are you actually working on an animation yourself.

Awkward-Squid responds:

Yea I'm working on a really short one, should be up within a few of months.


2009-11-06 00:38:24

thanks 4 th post... You Cried Me deserves more exposure~


2009-11-06 00:51:59

Tom Deslongchamp is the longest champ of them all! :D


2009-11-06 18:37:52

That was a great flash man, personally that just made my day. Thanks for the suggestion.


2009-11-10 09:41:29



2010-10-12 14:13:14

hey i have a cool idea for a movie have you played the red remover game ?
i think it be cool if you made a parody movie of the red remover game im not good at making the movies so i let you guys have fun with it

please reply or send message to me when or if you are going to make that red remocer parody movie okay ?


2011-08-14 02:06:48

You're right, that was really good. A cat got run over.